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Cosvitec - Università & Impresa


COSVITEC University and Business - is a Non Profit Research, High Education/Training (VET) and Vocational Guidance center funded in 2001 and located in Naples, Italy. It was established in collaboration with the Ministry of Higher Education and Research, to contribute to the planning of the EU Structural Funds 2000-2006. Our key role and innovating character derives from the perfect match between research and entrepreneurship: our network includes University Departments and Small/Medium Enterprises. Our mission is the transfer of innovation with bottom-up approach and the removal of constraints and barriers in local development.  We operate at national and international level, by offering consulting and analytical services having as reference a professional team able to satisfy every requirement of the customers. Cosvitec is accredited for educational activities in the Region of Campania under the resolution of the Regional Council n. ° 226/06 with 143/10/04 accreditation code. Our laboratories are accredited by the Ministry of Higher Education and Research, in the following areas:

  • 73.1 – Research and experimental development in the field of natural sciences and engineering;
  • 73.2 – Research and experimental development in the field of human and social sciences;
Thanks to the constant collaboration with small, medium and large enterprises, University Departments, local and regional authorities, Research centers, we are able to offer tangible formal/non-formal educational and job opportunities to young people in search of qualification and specialization, through innovative courses that enable to enter successfully the global labor market, Innovation and internationalization consultancy, Technological transfer, career guidance. We have also obtained a Certification as Intermediary Job Agency and we are strongly involved in Youth Guarantee Programme. Cosvitec Project Managers, Researchers and Training staff have a 15 years’ experience in project planning and implementation activities, such as:
  • needs and context analysis,
  • international projects writing and implementation,
  • innovative curricula design and development,
  • innovation development,
  • patents,
  • R&D,
  • internship, job shadowing and mobility programs,
  • novel training methodologies implementation,
  • participants’ selections and preparation,
  • monitoring, evaluation, teachers and learners assessment,
  • follow-up,
  • dissemination activities and events.
Our experience in European projects under LLP, Erasmus+ KA1 VET/YOUTH and Tempus demonstrates our focus on entrepreneurial related training with a focus on valorization of territory as a resource for economic development.