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The initial planning is critical to the successful and efficient delivery of your software medical device and Kelyon will support you with significant strategic guidance. Kelyon will help you to identify the stakeholders, resources, and regulatory documentation required and define timelines for the SMD development process.

Kelyon are digital experts and will be entirely responsible for the technical development of the soft-ware medical device. Kelyon, however, has a detailed knowledge and understanding of the entire development process and can give guidance to all stakeholders on their respective roles and responsibilities.

Kelyon will play a key role in the co-ordination of the software medical device registration and approval activities. Kelyon are also able to engage expert guidance and resource, if required, for these seemingly complex processes.

Kelyon understands the importance of the software medical device launch strategy, and can share and advise on best practice for its optimum implementation. Kelyon will also play a pivotal role in monitoring the uptake and achievement of expectations for the medical device.