Focus Oncotherapies #3


April 3, 2020

Focus Oncotherapies #3

COVID-19 outbreak reached Italy the 31st of January ( profoundly changing people life due to social restriction strategies. Healthcare system also had to adapt to the new urgent needs dictated by the infection emergency. 

A crucial aspect for colorectal cancer patients during the COVID-19 emergency was recently described by Lisi G. et al. (

Healthcare system had to focus on life-saving intervention and postpone non-essential surgery as for benign disease treatment. Also the surgical approach should change towards less invasive procedures thus reducing infection risks for physicians, healthcare operators and patients.  Finally, routine procedures for tumour prevention are largely postponed to the end of COVID-19 outbreak. It is crucial that exams will be shortly done once the infection will be over to avoid increase in undiagnosed tumour. Economic intervention should take this aspect in consideration particularly in light of economic restriction that the population will have to face. 

In light of this aspect, prevention medicine will become even more important in the very next future.