Work progress #2


August 7, 2020

Work progress #2

Through the Molecular Docking studies we have designed a library of potentially active molecules on a protein belonging to the family of MDR (Multi Drug Resistance proteins) known to be expressed in numerous resistant tumor forms.

We have therefore selected and synthesized, using our chemical and pharmaceutical skills, a series of molecules on which we have performed proteomics experiments (DARTs) to confirm the selected target, choosing some cell lines resistant to chemotherapy such as mitoxantrone (including HepG2, MCF7- transfected and HT29).

We subsequently performed in-cell assays to test the inhibitory potency of our compounds by evaluating their cytotoxicity in co-administration with the reference chemotherapeutic agents. Currently, from the evaluation of these preliminary data, we have selected 2 molecules that will be tested in more complex cell systems to confirm their chemotherapy activity.